Day 3: A big push South through France

Distance: 640km, Start: Caens, France, End: Bordeaux, France.
I had a massive push today to get through France and down to the warmer weather.

A big thank you to all the people I met today on the boat and at service areas who stopped to chat and wish me luck.

It was all on motorways today and although the rain stayed away, there was enough of a drissle to make me stop and put on waterproofs. I was definitely ready to stop when I arrived in Bordeaux and made straight for the first hotel. It is VERY basic but the room is clean.
I always planned to do a long day today, I have ridden and driven through France lots of times before so I do not want to waste time. I plan to cross into Spain tomorrow when i will slow down and start avoiding motorways when I can.

Lormont, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

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