Morocco The Bike

Day 9: Tatouan to Rabat

The bike needed a bit of maintenance this morning. The oil level was getting a little low as was the coolant; this is normal. Also one of the headlight bulbs had blown taking out the fuse with it: all easily fixed with the spares I am carrying.

The ride was fantastic, especially the beginning through very deep valleys with Farm covered slopes reaching up to near the summits. Through the day the land got flatter until I reached the Atlantic Coast where there were miles of flat plains.

What did I learn today about Morocco? The mule is the main source of transport (people and goods) for many people. In the hills it is mainly subsistance farming. Old Mercedes cars never die, they retire in Morocco.

I am sat by my tent looking up at the stars and listening to the beautiful sounds of the call to prayer at the local mosque.

Tomorrow I have been invited to breakfast with Ellie and Bob, two well seasoned brit travellers who Bob says are on the run from the old Bill. They seem a really nice couple and real Yorkshire tea and pancakes cannot be refused. Later I go into Rabat to get some visas.


Yesterday’s blog and photos to follow when I can find a Wifi hotspot.

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