Day 12: Easter on the beach

Distance 0km

I woke early to the sound of waves on the shore, had breakfast of a fresh orange and read my kindle for a couple of hours. Does life get better?

I changed the tyres on the bike, did my washing, took a walk on the beach and sat on the rocks for a while, drank coffee at the cafe, made my dinner of pasta and tomato and then read some more.

What a hectic day. . I think I will need an early night.



Tomorrow I plan to be up early as I have a couple of long days on the road. I have already discovered that getting out of the sun for a few hours from midday is a good idea so an early start and late finish will be needed to get the distance in.

Sidi Wassay, Souss-Massa, Morocco

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We did leave a post ‘re Oasis….plural according to Google is Oases but can’t get to see all the posts on the site?
Hope all going well
All the best

Bob & Ellie

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