Day 18: To Dakar

Dakar is probably most famous for the Paris Dakar rally but, now I am past that area, I can let my family known that the rally is now held in South America. The area I have just travelled through is regarded as too dangerous.

So far Senegal has stood out for these reasons:Friendly and helpful people, bright vibrant colours, fish, dust, heat and speed bumps.


St Louis was fascinating, my camp site was near where the fishing boats land their catch and hundreds of lorries clog the road waiting to take the fish away. The boats are colorfully painted, it helps detract from the smell.

The road to Dakar was horrible. I have not seen the sun all day because there is a constant dust cloud like a fog. Combined with the hot air (like being in an oven), strong cross winds, lots of lorries on the roads and speed bumps every few kilometres, it is not the place to enjoy motoring of any sort, especially so on a motorbike. I arrived in Dakar and was heading to a campsite when I went past a hotel. .. sod it, I am hot and covered in red dust, I turned back and checked in.


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Hi John are you managing to get any video recorded ? The camera mount has certainly been put through its paces.
We are all thinking about you.
John and Christine

The camera mount broke on day 3 and i need a camera shop to fix. Problem is plastic female on camera onto metal male on bike mount. Vibrations striped thread on camera. Need to find nut to glue onto camera but not a standard thread.

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