Day 20: Lions and a Concert

I awoke to the roar of lions and after packing away i went to see what the reserve had to offer. I could walk with the lions or do a safari. I decided walking with lions was all my budget allowed. What an incredible experience that was. It was literally like walking the dogs, the sort of dogs that could eat you!

Next was the Gambian border, as borders go, this was tame (i’ve done Rosso!) and after was the ferry across to Bamuku the capital, the ferry was worse than the border for paperwork, fixers and fees.
At the other side i had arranged to meet Omar Jatta, who I met in an internet chat room (1st Facebook Scout Group).
I followed his taxis (plural because they are like buses here, if they go in your direction you jump in, sharing with existing passengers if they are already onboard. )
We arrived at the school where Gambian Scouting has its HQ. More about that in the next few days.

This evening, the Gambian Scout National Band gave me an impromptu concert, all 8 that were there, there are about 100 members nationally. They have no sheet music, their instruments are dented or broken and they play in a sandy yard, they have no professional instruction and they teach each other.. You are thinking they were rubbish weren’t you. .. how wrong you are, I was moved to tears, literally. At the end of the concert i promised myself and them that i would try to do something to help them, and I will. 14th Eastleigh Scout snd Guide Band, expect to be bothered by meÔÿ║
Afterwards the incoming National Commissioner for Scouting in Gambia visited, I hope I can do more for these dedicated Scouts in the future.

Tomorrow and the next few days I will be stopping here with the Gambian Scouts.

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Say hi to all at Little Trees for me and Omar.
You may find the bass drum from the Red Lions Scout Band, that was ours many years ago.
Please ask Cham, Houma, Gibbe or Mr Jallow for some flowers, acquired from next door’s (SOS) overhang to be placed at the grave. It was my mother’s birthday yesterday. I would be grateful.
Enjoy your stay in my neighbourhood.
Don’t know if you are considering passing Soma, but if so please consider visiting our Nursery and Kaira Konko (KK) Scout Lodge where you could also stay. Many at Little Trees will have the contact for Kinteh who runs KK.

This is my territory as it was my parents who began the project back in the 80’s albeit I have been more proactive annually in the past 15 years since my parents passed on. Both are buried on site.

Hi Bella, I have been hearing about and seeing all the wonderful things you and your family have been doing here over the years. I plan to contact you when I return to the uk to see what I can do in the future.

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