Day 24: On the road again

I am lying in my tent acutely aware of every sound around me. The occasional vehicle on the road 50m away, the crickets all around,the donkey braying in the distance, and the something large shuffling through the leaves about 15m away. The something large and me have come to an understanding, I will stop making noises and shining my light in its direction if it comes no closer and gives its life for me if something even larger comes in the night.
The Gambian scouts gave me a fantastic send off this morning and after getting through the capital Banjul, the ferry this time was easy. Even the border was a breeze with only the Senegalese customs insisting on a payment but refusing a receipt.
The road in Senegal from the border was in just as bad condition as it was last week when i went down into Gambia but roads have improved dramatically since i started the long haul East to Cameroon.
I have about one to two days travel to the Mali border and expect to cross on Monday.
Tomorrow: more hot and dusty miles across Senegal.
Ps. This will be posted next time i have wifi.

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