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Day 29: Ghana Visa

After two days of needing to stay near the small room and feeling tired, I was not looking forward to going out on the bike to collect my passport (and hopefully visa) from the Ghana embassy today. Especially after being told by several people and reading on the Internet that they only normally issue them here to residents of Mali.

But this morning I felt much better. I left early so had time to find the Burkina Faso embassy first (my next port of call) and arrived at the Ghana Embassy 1.5 hours early. The visa was ready straight away Ôÿ║. Next back to the Burkina Faso embassy where I completed their forms. I have to go back tomorrow at 12.30 to collect my visa and passport.

I had a quick motor around town. .. busy, noisy, dirty.. ok done that. . And returned to the tranquillity of my hotel. The illness of the last two days has really drained me but I have eaten today.

Because my next leg needs more than 4 hours travel I will stay another night tomorrow in Bamako and leave Friday morning. I am really looking forward to moving on now.


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so glad you feeling bit better and being sensible resting up another day. Hopefully all the current traumas of visa applications are resolved. I am going to Australia today so won’t be able to post comments tomorrow but I am thinking of you love Mum x

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