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Day 36: Back to Burkina Faso

The Ghana customs have confirmed that my TIP deposit cannot be transferred to another border post so I must return to the entry point to get it back.
I had expected that reply but i am extremely grateful to everyone who tried to make it happen. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
Now I need to consider my next move. I need to get another Burkina Faso visa as my other was single entry; so I will start that process tomorrow morning. Then I either go for an Ivory Coast or a Nigerian visa depending on whether I head East or West from that point. I can delay the decision until Friday or even longer if I wanted to.

Going East would be keeping my original destination of Cape Town. Going West would be heading towards Sierra Leone which I was disappointed to have bypassed on my way down.

I know some people will say the goal is Cape Town but those that have followed my planning from the start will know my goal is to travel and to meet people. My destination was originally my brother in Perth, Australia but world events meant the destination and route has changed several times. With this in mind, my journey continues even if the destination changes.

On a brighter note, Hussain’s wife cooked me dinner tonight and we ate at his house. He has a beautiful wife who is a great cook and two lovely children. As he arrived home his little daughter came running up to him to give him a big hug. She then honoured me with a hug too. That was the most important part of the day.

Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

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