Day 39: I found a KFC!!

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a big vice for me. I hate their animal welfare standards, I hate they use shop much grease, I hate the fact that their chips are sometimes limp and soggy. But I LOVE the spicy coating. At home my regular order is a 3 piece variety meal. So to see my first KFC since France about a month ago was huge temptation. But I did not go in and order!! Am I cured? Is it a bit like AA in that you are never truly cured? Time will te─║l.

I left home with two mobile phones, one is on a UK Vodafone contact and has my UK SIM card. This is my WiFi internet access amd emergency phone. The other phone is my old contact phone that I use for GPS navigation (OSMAND) and or usually has a local SIM in it for cheaper local calls. This second phone has been playing up and had now stopped recognising any SIM cards.

Today I went to the local market and picked up a cheap mobile for about £15.



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