Day 40: A Dam Good One

I picked up Hussain this morning and we went up to the hydro electric dam at Akosombo. It is across the river Volta and provides much of the country’s electricity and that of neighbouring countries. I was expecting something huge but, although big, it was not massive. There is a natural gorge there so the hills form part of the dam.


On the way to the dam we found a river crossing point. The bridge has been undergoing maintenance so ferries operate taking people across. We took the ferry and I did something I promised myself I would do at the first suitable African river or lake. .. have a shave in it.


The result:


Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

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You look ten years younger so glad you have stopped to recharge yourself you have done well my friend as r2d2 said in your star war era stay safe xxx sis

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