Day 43: Sleeping, Reading and a Meal

I had a disturbed nights sleep last night. As well as they high humidity I had at least one small companion with me in the room. A hungry companion who had a nibble on my ankles and my back.


I ended up unpacking some of my camping gear to find my mosquito net. Tonight I am also armed (and le gged, and backed) with deet; a powerful repellant.
Because of this I spent much of the day reading and sleeping. Tonight, as a thank you, I took Hussain and his family out for a meal.

Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

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OMG, you should always, always use the repellant and the net in Africa! Malaria is one of their biggest scourges and you don’t want to get that you never get rid of it. Have you been taking your anti-malarial pills?

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