Day 55: Very tired

After two consecutive days riding for 11 hours, a lot of it on dirt roads, and a sleepless night in a hot and humid tent, I am exhausted. I managed to get to the last small town before the Hamile border post and find a cheap hotel. It has a shower and a bed and sometimes power. There is a thunder storm outside which may account for the 3 consecutive power cuts in 5 minutes.

I started this morning in the lush greenery of the Volta region (make that 4 power cuts) and finished in the brown dry north. Although it rained overnight and is raining now, the day was dry and mostly sunny. The air is definitely hotter up here. About half the roads were tarmac with varying quantities of potholes and half were unpaved, again varying from smooth to rutted. All this makes judging travel times difficult because speeds can be from anywhere between 10 amd 110kph.

That thunderstorm is VERY close now and I think they have given up on the power.
Tomorrow I hope to get to Bobo delasomethingorother in Burkino Faso. But as i have no internet connection until I get there, I am already there, or will be when you read this. Unless you read this after tomorrow in which case I will no longer be there. Confused? Oh well.
Cu tomorrow.

Tumu, Upper West Region, Ghana

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Reminds me of Bob, Mum’s husband that’s the only conversation he had at the end “Are you there?” oh and the other one was “Have you got everything you came for?” Must be time of year for storms. Torrential downpours and massive gusts of wind here in Perth last few days.

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