Musings Senegal

Musings: Africa and rubbish

Throughout Africa I have been struck by the amount of rubbish there is lying around.  Senegal seems to be the worst although Gambia amd Mali were pretty bad as well.

Mostly it is plastic bags,  any perishable waste is either eaten by the local goats or even pigs in some towns,  the plastic stays in the environment.


Part of the problem is that every time you buy something in a shop they insist on putting it in a bag,  even single items.

Unlike Europeans who buy in bulk and store things in the home,  most Africans buy what they need, when they need it, and only the quantity they need now. This means they probably get several plastic bags each day.

WAKE UP AFRICA!!! You will eventually drown in plastic rubbish.

Nouakchott, Trarza, Mauritania

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