Day 79: Western Spain

Although I have been riding on motorways all day,  it has been through some spectator scenery.  This part of the country is well worth visiting in it’s own right.  The only thing is that it has been cold and windy.


This was the view from my hotel Last night. 

I had a close call when I came off onto a slip road for some fuel.  At the bottom of the hill was a roundabout and I had slowed right down for it. I went to turn right and… nothing the steering was locked.  Panic! ! A bit more pressure and suddenly it was free and I made the turn.  Once I got it moving it was fine again.  The steering locks on the long straights so I make a habit of freeing it up by wiggling the steering before i need to make a turn. I have ordered parts which should be at home when I arrive.

Santa Marta de Tormes, Castile and León, Spain

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