Day 33: Sleeping in a night club

I left my camp site today expecting dirt track roads all the way into town about 60km away.  It was a nice surprise to find 1km later to be on good tarmac. Things got better as I started to feel better after a bad night. I think I have a chest infection hence the bad nights lying down and ok when up. Hopefully the anti biotics will help.

The first town Wa was were I had expected to find a hotel until I felt better.  By the time I got there I did not feel the need so carried on.  The roads and environment just kept getting better.  The driving standards however just kept getting worse.  Twice today i was forced off the road by oncoming overtaking vehicles. The scenery is definitely tropical now with bananas being one of the main cross.

Toward the end of the day I started looking for a hotel.  Everywhere I tried had no internet so i kept going into one of the main cities.  I went to the nice part of town and found a lovely hotel.  Showered and cleaned up I got an early night and was asleep around 8pm. It is now 12.33am!!! I was woken 1 hour ago by car doors slamming and what I thought was somebody banging on a hotel door. No it is VERY load music from the night club next door.  I have been to reception and woke her up. At least she can sleep through it. Apparently it goes on till 4am.

On a brighter note i have arranged to meet some Scouts tomorrow.

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Day 32: Welcome to Ghana: That will be £740 Please Sir!!!

OK I will get it back as it is a deposit on a temporary import permit for the bike but it does mean a change in plan (again). I have to exit Ghana by the same border I entered to get my money back.

On a brighter note I changed the chain on my bike this morning with the help of a few friendly locals. What a difference, a much quieter and smoother ride.

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Day 29: Ghana Visa

After two days of needing to stay near the small room and feeling tired, I was not looking forward to going out on the bike to collect my passport (and hopefully visa) from the Ghana embassy today. Especially after being told by several people and reading on the Internet that they only normally issue them here to residents of Mali.