Minifigs Sierra Leone Street Child

Day 63: Visiting Street Child Projects

Today I followed Lamin, a Street Child voluntary social worker to visit some of his cases. I have heard some very sad and harrowing tales of sowing, loss, and sadness.

Mauritania Minifigs Morocco

Day 11: Rabat to Wassai beach.

Distance: 470km

They have big oranges here

Last night somebody on the HUBB confirmed that the Mauritanian visa was available at the border. I have decided to go for it. If the information is right it saves me three days in Rabat, if the information is wrong I will have three days travel down there plus three days to travel back to Rabat plus another three days to travel down again. 9 days! I have heard from several sources so i think the risk is worth it. All this because of a puncture!

Borders France Minifigs Spain The Bike

Day 4: Vinyards to Mountains

Distance: 340km, Start: Bordeaux, France, End: Pamplona, Spain

Yesterday after leaving the ferry I forgot the bike maintenance checks so last night I wrote a check list. The people looking through the dining area window seemed impressed as they watched me going through the list, checking fluids, adjusting chain, checking tyres… They did not seem so impressed when the bike promptly fell over when I tried too drive away. Note to myself.. add “remove disk lock” to my list. Also remember not to panic if engine fails to start after dropping the bike… it is probably still in gear. In case anyone missed my embarrassment I accidentally pressed the horn as I lifted the bike.