Around the World on a Sail Boat

My next big adventure is in the planning stage. I have bought a sail boat and am preparing it for world travel. I will set off to see the world on a budget. Basically, become a sea tramp!

Like all trips, it starts with the planning which is currently underway. I have researched and bought a 1965 Camper Nicholson 32, worked out costs and budget and have been thinking about routes. I have also started re-organising my life by giving notice to quit my shop lease and started looking at alternative sources of income.

I will be blogging my journey here as I have done before. I enjoy doing that but as this trip is a lot longer, and may have days, weeks or months with nothing interesting happening, I will keep a daily diary and have a blog page with links to the interesting bits.

Like all plans, they are subject to change, especially the route but when you set off, you have to have some sort of direction in mind. So here is a very rough route plan… It will be interesting in a few years time to look back on these maps and see how close to reality they were..

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