Stop Dreaming – Do it!

Ihave decided to do something I have dreamt about for many years. To see the world on a motorbike by riding from the UK to remote places. This is my story.

In April 2015 I will leave from West Wales to travel over 20,000km to Cape Town in South Africa by motorcycle. The route will take me down West Africa. On the way I hope to raise a bit of money for a charity called Street Child and to meet fellow Scouts.

The blog is to inspire others to do the same and to allow friends and family to follow my progress.If you have visited this site before you probably want to use the recent post links.

If you are new to the site, use the categories to go straight to the information you are interested in or use the diary link to see thingsin the order they were posted.

Logo for my Expedition on a motorcycle from Wales to Cape town in 2015.

Please help by making an on line donation to:



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We’ve never met( I’m Leigh’s mother) but I admire you for doing such a brave endeavour for charity! Hope all goes well.

I admire you bold, calculated and risk bearing initiative. May God strengthen you………. the sky is the limit…… Adams

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