Trip Statistics

During the trip I had a tracking app running on my mobile phone.  I have now analysed the logs and:

Total distance travelled was 17,877km (11,502 miles)

This includes distance travelled while exploring and travelling in cities, getting lost and backtracking etc. It is higher than I estimated because it includes the bends in the road.

Maximum speed was 131km/h.

Press Coverage

Press Coverage: Wales Online and Wales on Sunday

This article was published in the Wales on Sunday newspaper and on the Wales Online web site:

Wales on Sunday_21-06-2015_1ST_p26

Article on the Wales Online Web Site


Borders Spain UK

Day 82: Home

My first sight of the UK was the Isle of Wight in the distance. I am from Southampton so I know the area well. It was a real homecoming feel to sailing around the island and into Portsmouth Harbour.

Equipment Planning

Equipment: Camping Gear

I took a Coleman 2 man mummy style tent that I have had for years and still is going strong, a trangia muti fuel cooker with kettle, plates, cutlery etc. hammock, tarpaulin, water carrier and some other bits and pieces.

Borders Spain UK

Day 81: Ferry Home

I am on the ferry from Santander in Spain to Portsmouth in the UK. The boat seems to be full of bikers who have been riding the Pyranees. You can tell they are bikers because they are all over the aged of 50, have beards and black t-shirts. Strangely many have Yorkshire accents.


Day 80: Not around the world.

Philius Fogg went around the world in 80 days, I went to Ghana and back. I am happy with that,  I met far more people. Ôÿ║
I was not expecting much on the ride yesterday morning.  I had a message from am old Scouting friend who lives near Santander but unfortunately it was all a bit late for me to detour and meet him. I did not have a paper map of Spain so was not expecting the mountainous terrain to continue,  I was expecting a levelling out near the coast.


Equipment: Bates Police Boots

I went for these boots rather than biking boots because I can also use them off the bike.  They are as supplied to UK police forces who I assume have thoroughly tested them so that is good enough for me. My feet are UK size 8.

Equipment The Bike

Equipment: Fansa Tank Bag

Bought from winding roads.
Over all I am happy with this tank bag although it does have a couple of problems that let it down.

Equipment The Bike

Equipment: The Bike

Over the next few days I am going to post reviews of some of the equipment I have been using.  What worked,  what did not,  what was useful,  what was not. It seems logical to start with the biggest and most expensive item the bike.


Musings: Taking a risk

My topic of thought yesterday was risks and attitudes to it. I do not conciously come up with a topic it is whatever pops into my head.

In more developed countries we are very risk adverse. In poorer countries more risk seems to be acceptable. But is this REALLY the case?