Equipment The Bike

Equipment: Fansa Tank Bag

Bought from winding roads.
Over all I am happy with this tank bag although it does have a couple of problems that let it down.

Equipment The Bike

Equipment: The Bike

Over the next few days I am going to post reviews of some of the equipment I have been using.  What worked,  what did not,  what was useful,  what was not. It seems logical to start with the biggest and most expensive item the bike.

Morocco Spain The Bike

Day 78: Au Revoir Africa

I went straight to Tangier med, the ferry port, this morning; only stopping for fuel and to buy a ticket at one of the service station sales booths.
I arrived may after 12 and checked in for the 2pm sailing with FRS to Algeciras in Spain.

Morocco The Bike

Day 77: Nursing the bike

The rear tyre is down to about 2mm of tread at it’s centre which is close to the UK legal minimum of 1mm. Also the steering head bearing has got worse.
I decided to go to Agadir in the morning because I found two motorcycle companies on the Internet that may be able to help.

Morocco The Bike

Day 76: Mountains and Wealth

Afterr 5 days crossing the Sahara Desert I have finally reached the Atlas mountains and the relative affluence of Morocco.

Morocco Musings Planning The Bike

Musings: Living without instruments

Since I took the bike for a swim in Sierra Leone the instrument cluster only displays in Klingon.

This means I have no idea what speed I am doing, I have no fuel guage, and the odometer and trip distance counters are not usable.

Mauritania The Bike

Day 73: Wind and Sand and a Goat

After breakfast with Steve in Noukchott I started North through the desert. The wind was fierce from the start and 90 degrees to the road. At least it was a steady constant wind not gusting.

Musings Sierra Leone The Bike

Musings: Naming the bike

I was thinking today that I had not given the bike a name. So then went through various options.

I eventually decided on Dora as a tribute to the 102 year old lady I met in Sierra Leone who is now the carer for 4 ebola orphans.

They are both strong characters that despite life throwing a lot of trials their way, they just keep going.

Read Doras Story

Borders Senegal The Bike

Day 70: On Tow

I woke early this morning to the sound of the call to prayer. The mosque was 10m from where I slept. After packing up and doing a bit of reading, the border post opened and the 100 or so cars that had built up overnight started to move off.

Borders Guinea Senegal The Bike

Day 69: Going nowhere

After packing and leaving my hotel my plan was to limp the bike 30km across the border into Senegal where I had the correct money plus parts would be easier to get. The chain lasted all the way.