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Day 69: Going nowhere

After packing and leaving my hotel my plan was to limp the bike 30km across the border into Senegal where I had the correct money plus parts would be easier to get. The chain lasted all the way.

I cleared Guinea ok and then found out I had another 30km to the Senegal border post.  Oh well the chain had lasted the last 200km.

I cleared immigration but at the customs post there was a problem.  I needed insurance but the guy who sells it had no papers left.  His boss would come at 6pm with some more.  This was 11am.

I found a bike mechanic who fixed the chain with a hammer by hitting the chain roller turning over the end.  The side plate cannot come off now.

I spent the afternoon reading and got a Senegal sim for my phone so i can use the Internet.

6pm then 7pm and no sign of the insurance guy. The customs guy said i could sleep in their compound for the night.  It is now morning and my wait continues. …

Kalifourou, Kolda Region, Senegal

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