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Day 78: Au Revoir Africa

I went straight to Tangier med, the ferry port, this morning; only stopping for fuel and to buy a ticket at one of the service station sales booths.
I arrived may after 12 and checked in for the 2pm sailing with FRS to Algeciras in Spain.

Rock of Gibraltar

It was with very mixed feelings that I arrived in Spanish waters,  signaled by a text from Vodafone saying welcome to Spain and the sight of Gibraltar in the distance. I have had experiences in Africa beyond my expectations. I will blog about this as a musings.

I headed for a bike repair and tyre place I had found on the Internet. They ‘fixed’ the steering problem by adjusting the head nut (later found out it was improved but not fixed). They also fitted a new rear tyre so I am legal in the UK when I arrive.

I booked a hotel just outside town via Expedia while I was waiting and that is where I am now.

I have booked a ferry from Santander in North Spain to Portsmouth in the UK that leaves on Sunday afternoon and arrives Monday afternoon.  That gives me 2.5 days to do 1000km on good motorways and I should be home Monday night before it gets dark.

It is not over yet, but certainly the best bits are.

Los Barrios, Andalusia, Spain

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Come home safe it has been a pleasure to share just a taste of your experiences, good luck to you and all you hold dear for the future.
Well done xx

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