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Day 77: Nursing the bike

The rear tyre is down to about 2mm of tread at it’s centre which is close to the UK legal minimum of 1mm. Also the steering head bearing has got worse.
I decided to go to Agadir in the morning because I found two motorcycle companies on the Internet that may be able to help.

The first shop was boarded up and the parking guardian outside did not know of them. The second one I was told met people at the location but you had to call him first. I decided I was wasting my time and I should have better luck in Spain. The tyre should be ok till then and the steering is a problem on cornering. I planned to use the motorway North from here.

I have stopped just before Rabat at a nice beach front hotel. It works out about £28 for the night. This will be my last night in Africa.





The plan tomorrow is to travel the remaining 330km to Tangier Med port and catch the ferry to Spain.

Temara, Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, Morocco

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