Day 7 – Lamar Valley and fishing

I had an early start this morning, I had heard so much about the Lamar valley and the wildlife that my expectations were high, always a bad sign. It was fantastic and I did see lots of Bison but I think the Moose and Elk have mostly migrated away for the winter. If I had not had all the build up from people I would not have been disappointed. Still I did see Elk grazing around the Hot Springs complex, saw a Cayote up close, saw hundreds of Bison (Buffalo) and lots of fantastic scenery. A couple of roads through the park were closed due to the weekend bad weather but they are re-open this afternoon so hopefully I will exit via canyon creek and the East park entrance tomorrow and meander back to Cody. Unfortunately I picked up a cold from that snowy camping but trying to ignore it till it goes away. I finished the afternoon with a bit of fishing in the Yellowstone river.

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Hope your cold gets better quickly. Hot whiskey and lemonade should help x loved all the pictures and news lovely to share your holiday with you via the blog x

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