Day 5 – What a day (updated)

Today has been one of the best days ever. Each time I see something amazing, I turn a corner and see something better.

It was drizzly rain this morning as I crawled out of my tent. I had no cooking shelter so decided to drive 16 miles South to old faithfull and have breakfast there, I would then wind my way back to the camp site taking in the sights on the way. I reached old faithful just as it started to snow.

A ranger tour was just heading off so I abandoned going for breakfast and joined the tour, by the time it had finished it was snowing heavily and I was wet and cold. I went for what was now brunch. I do like to eat local food when in a different country so bison burger seemed appropriate, it was good.

Old faithful was, well to be honest very unfaithful, she was 4 minutes late. The best sights for me were some of the other springs and geysers in the area.

I then started North and every place I visited seemed to improve on the last. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

It started raining again this evening so rather than go back to camp and having a wet evening trying to cook I decided to return to West Yellowstone where I am now sat enjoying liver and onions and using the Wifi.

Tomorrow I head north and will find a hotel for tomorrow night.

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