Day 60: Great biking country

Distance 350km
Today has been a great bike riding experience it started with some straight forward good straight tarmac for high speed and burning kilometers. Then came some of the worst roads imaginable where the tarmac was either pot holed or missing for several kilometers at a time. I spent a lot of the time riding on the dirt beside the road rather than dancing around pot holes on the road. Finally I was back on good tarmac through fantastic hilly scenery with long sweeping bends.


I did not get as far as I wanted today because of the bad roads but I am happy with the progress I did make.
The bike steering is still not 100%. It is rideable but after a long time roding in a straight line the steering is very stiff for a while afterwards. Once I have done a few turns the steering goes back to normal. I suspect one of the ball bearings in the head bearing has slightly flattened. PETE do you have any suggestions?

I went to an autobank today to get some local currency. I withdrew the maximum allowed 400,000 Guinea Francs. The machine spat out a thick wedge of notes. Loadsamoney sized. That is worth about £40.

I am at a hotel tonight and plan to enter Sierra Leone tomorrow afternoon. I am trying to arrange meetings with both Street Child and Sierra Leone Scouts.

My princess bed… mosquito free zone


Mamou, Mamou, Guinea

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