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Hi, I am originally from the South Coast of England but have spent most of my life away from my home town of Southampton. I love to travel and see natural places but hate the busy tourist spots – which is strange because I spent 5 years running a seaside convenience store and Post Office. I am currently living onboard a 32 foot Nicholson 32 Sail boat sailing around the world.

You can Track Me here and read some of my other blogs, including motorcycling in West Africa here.

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  • Gaeta to Fiumicino
    Yesterday’s sail to Fiumicino was quite emotional. I knew it was the last big sail I’m going to do for a while. I am going to a marina in the Fiumicino canal later today where Lady Cindy will stay for up to three years while I complete a work contract in the UK. This is …

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  • Agropoli to Gaeta
    Dotty and I have been slowly heading North back up to Fiumicino to dock the boat from the 15th. Most of my free time, and there has been a lot, has been spent working on an Android app. More on that later.. I was woken this morning with a call of ‘hello there’ bleary eyed, …

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  • Palinuro, Agropoli and return to UK
    We really liked Palinuro. We had pristine water for swimming, breeze at night for comfortable sleep, and shops nearby. A little bit of paradise… Since there were no winds predicted we decided to hang out there, initially for 5 days, but then we extended it… John set up all the water toys, so we swam, …

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  • Heading South
    Before leaving Agropoli we had a wonderful dinner with our friends Liz and Peter at La Ruota in Perdifumo. Excellent company and meal. There isn’t a picture of my face when I had the first bite of steak, but everyone commented on it (pure bliss!!). Good beef is not an easy find in Italy. Appropriately …

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  • Agropoli
    We set out from Salerno a week ago with the intention of making progress South toward Sicily. We only got as far as crossing the bay to Agropoli 🤣. We were waylayed by good company and bad weather. However, that’s one of the things we both love about this lifestyle; the freedom of not having …

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