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Hi, John is originally from the South Coast of England but spent most of his life away from his home town of Southampton. Patty was born in Argentina and later moved to the USA. We both love to travel and see natural places but hate the busy tourist spots. We are currently travelling around Europe in a camper van.

You can Track Us here and read some of John’s other blogs, including motorcycling in West Africa here.

Latest Posts

  • Tivoli – Villa D’Este
    Today we visited Villa D’Este in Tivoli which is a large Renaissance villa from the 16th century famous for its gardens full of fountains and water features. It inspired the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen . Tomorrow Patty’s son arrives with his partner and we will spend a few days in Rome with them.
  • What happened in Wales?
    Last October we stopped sailing in Lady Cindy with the intention of moving to West Wales to complete a three year work contract. Six months later, and we are travelling in a camper van around Europe, and eventually further afield. So what changed? Mainly, the job was not as described. I was expecting to be… Read more: What happened in Wales?
  • A new start in a camper van
    After spending 6 months in West Wales, Patty and I have started our travels again, this time in a Renault Master based camper van. We are currently near Rome having spent the last week preparing Lady Cindy for sale. Patty and I will both contribute to this blog, this is just a quick update on… Read more: A new start in a camper van
  • Gaeta to Fiumicino
    Yesterday’s sail to Fiumicino was quite emotional. I knew it was the last big sail I’m going to do for a while. I am going to a marina in the Fiumicino canal later today where Lady Cindy will stay for up to three years while I complete a work contract in the UK. This is… Read more: Gaeta to Fiumicino
  • Agropoli to Gaeta
    Dotty and I have been slowly heading North back up to Fiumicino to dock the boat from the 15th. Most of my free time, and there has been a lot, has been spent working on an Android app. More on that later.. I was woken this morning with a call of ‘hello there’ bleary eyed,… Read more: Agropoli to Gaeta