Lady Cindy


Hi, I am originally from the South Coast of England but have spent most of my life away from my home town of Southampton. I love to travel and see natural places but hate the busy tourist spots – which is strange because I spent 5 years running a seaside convenience store and Post Office. I am currently living onboard a 32 foot Nicholson 32 Sail boat sailing around the world.

You can Track Me here and read some of my other blogs, including motorcycling in West Africa here.

Latest Posts

  • Palinuro, Agropoli and return to UK
    We really liked Palinuro. We had pristine water for swimming, breeze at night for comfortable sleep, and shops nearby. A little bit of paradise… Since there were no winds predicted we decided to hang out there, initially for 5 days, but then we extended it… John set up all the water toys, so we swam, … Read more
  • Heading South
    Before leaving Agropoli we had a wonderful dinner with our friends Liz and Peter at La Ruota in Perdifumo. Excellent company and meal. There isn’t a picture of my face when I had the first bite of steak, but everyone commented on it (pure bliss!!). Good beef is not an easy find in Italy. Appropriately … Read more
  • Agropoli
    We set out from Salerno a week ago with the intention of making progress South toward Sicily. We only got as far as crossing the bay to Agropoli 🤣. We were waylayed by good company and bad weather. However, that’s one of the things we both love about this lifestyle; the freedom of not having … Read more
  • Costiera Amalfitana e Salerno
    On August 18th we left Torre Annunziata with the goal of reaching Salerno by the 22nd since I had to be in Barletta by the 24th to pick up my EU passport. We sailed past the Amalfi Coast. It’s beautiful, but so full of boats speeding by that it’s hard to enjoy it. We found … Read more
  • Dotty
    For those of you asking about Dotty. She’s doing fairly well, given her age, the space constraints and the fact that she doesn’t like swimming. 😆 She is finding it harder to come up and down the steps, but so far manages with a bit of help. Otherwise, as long as John is close by, … Read more