About Lady Cindy

Lady Cindy lifted for anti fouling

Lady Cindy is a 1965 Camper Nicolson 32 mk 5. A long deep keeled yacht with 3 tonnes of lead to keep her upright in the worst of conditions. She was originally bought new by a syndicate of 4 people (hence Cindy in the name) and has been based in the Portsmouth area all her life. I bought her as a well maintained but dated boat in 2020 and have upgraded her to be an ocean going liveaboard boat.

Manufacturer Specifications

◦ LOA 32ft [9,70m]
◦ L.W.L.: 24ft [7.31m]
◦ Beam: 9ft 3in [2.80m]
◦ Draught: 5ft 6in [1.60m]
◦ Displacement: 6.1ton [6,211kg]
◦ Ballast(keel): 3.0ton [3,100kg]
◦ Sail area: 594ft² [55m² ]
◦ Fuel: 16gal [72lit]
◦ Water: 45gal [204lit]

Designed by:
Peter and Charles A. Nicholson 1962/63

Built by:
Moulders: Halmatic Ltd., Havant, Hampshire, P09 lJR.
Finished by Halmatic and Camper and Nicholson.
Marketed by Camper and Nicholson.

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