From Sardinia to Roma via Corsica

Over the last couple of weeks I have sailed from North Sardinia, to Corsica, across to the Italian mainland of Tuscanny and then South to the Roma region. I am currently anchored at Civitaveccia.


After the remote and underdeveloped beauty of Sardinia, Corsica and Orbitello, it was a bit of a shock to arrive in Civitaveccia yesterday. It went from miles of beaches to a big industrial and cruise port very quickly. Last night there was a lot of town and city noise that I am no longer used to; cars, trains, planes, loud voices, even fireworks.

I am making my way down to Fiumicino which is the location of Rome’s main airport. I am booked into a marina there for a two busy weeks. I have some boat maintenance to do and have spent a lot of money on Amazon to be delivered there including new solar panels and charger. I have been working on my laptop a lot in the last couple of weeks and my current panels cannot keep up.

On the 14th, Patty flies back from the USA and we have booked a hire car. After a few days in Fiumicino we drive to her apartment in Barletta for about a week then return to the boat. We then sail South together toward Scicily.

The plan is to sail around the boot of Italy this summer and then over winter in Barletta. We can travel by land from there back across to West Italy to visit places from Pisa to Rome in the winter months when it will be less busy and cooler. That gives the advantage of having more time to explore places like Scicily.

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