Spaghetti junction

I have spent the last three days stripping out old wires and identifying cables in preparation for the rewire. There are still lots of unidentified cables but I have gone as far as I dare without removing something needed. The next step is starting to rebuild it all starting with the power in. I need… Continue reading Spaghetti junction

The Great Escape

As Wales has gone into lockdown for 17 days I have escaped to the boat to start working on the electrics. I spent all day today stripping the instruments and releasing cables from hundreds of cable ties to identify and remove unused cables and try to figure out where the cables go. I have decided… Continue reading The Great Escape

New Site Created

Welcome to my new web site. It has been created for those curious after meeting me, working with me and for those related to me. I put major events in my life on here and update what I am currently up to. The site also contains links to other sites giving information on stuff I… Continue reading New Site Created