Rewire continues….

Apart from a two day break to return to New Quay, I have continued the boat rewire this week. Lots more old wires are out, the Bilge pumps nearly sorted (see below), nav and deck lights wired to the panels, all instruments are now in the new panel and radar and GPS powered and working.… Continue reading Rewire continues….

More rewiring

Over the last few days I have been rewiring the power distribution and making a new nav station panel I have ripped out a lot more old cables as I went along, the old battery ground circuits were like a spiders web with cables spliced in all over, plus many circuits had no fuses. Everything… Continue reading More rewiring

Moved onto the boat

With lockdowns unlikely to ease significantly before April, I have had no choice but to move onto the boat and hope marina staff do not prevent me from sleeping aboard. Government covid restrictions are not a problem as I am moving home which is a permitted activity. The marina currently have a no overnight stay… Continue reading Moved onto the boat

Lockdown dragging on…

I have decided to stay here in Wales at least until 23rd, the day after Boris makes a big announcement about changes in England were my boat is. Drakeford will make his announcement on the 19th but that will not effect me unless ‘moving home’ becomes illegal. Nomatter what they announce, I will have to… Continue reading Lockdown dragging on…

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Update – January 2021

Due to the resurgence of Covid-19 and the associated lockdowns in place, I am unable to work on Lady Cindy at the moment. It is not the England and Wales lockdown rules preventing this, I am moving home and this is a permitted activity, it is the boatyard’s ban on staying overnight onboard. My life… Continue reading Update – January 2021

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Update on progress

Due to staff illness at the shop and Covid-19 resurging. I decided to return to Wales after 6 days working on the boat and seeing my family. I will be unable to get to the boat until January 2021 when I hope to get down and start installing the wiring and do some work on… Continue reading Update on progress

Spaghetti junction

I have spent the last three days stripping out old wires and identifying cables in preparation for the rewire. There are still lots of unidentified cables but I have gone as far as I dare without removing something needed. The next step is starting to rebuild it all starting with the power in. I need… Continue reading Spaghetti junction

The Great Escape

As Wales has gone into lockdown for 17 days I have escaped to the boat to start working on the electrics. I spent all day today stripping the instruments and releasing cables from hundreds of cable ties to identify and remove unused cables and try to figure out where the cables go. I have decided… Continue reading The Great Escape