Sailing with Dotty the dog

Dotty the sailing dog

Meet Dotty, a 13 year old Tibetan Terrier who lives and sails with me on my 10 meter yacht Lady Cindy.

Waiting for me to come back
  • Agropoli to Gaeta

    Dotty and I have been slowly heading North back up to Fiumicino to dock the boat from the 15th. Most of my free time, and there has been a lot, has been spent working on an Android app. More on that later.. I was woken this morning with a call of ‘hello there’ bleary eyed,…

  • Meeting friends

    Last week a friend flew out to visit. Nicola stayed in a local hotel and we went out for meals, sailing and sunbathing. I have also been working on another boat in the Marina, Thorenas is a motor boat that needs a lot of work to make it watertight and pretty. I have been painting,…

  • A day in Motril