Meeting friends

Last week a friend flew out to visit. Nicola stayed in a local hotel and we went out for meals, sailing and sunbathing.

I have also been working on another boat in the Marina, Thorenas is a motor boat that needs a lot of work to make it watertight and pretty. I have been painting, fixing leaks in the deck, doing electrical work and restoring a teak deck. It’s slow progress on the deck due to discovering rot in the sub floor, a source of her many leaks.

Next week I am off to the USA to spend a week with another friend Imke. She is a saddle fitter and has invited me along on a road trip to visit clients in the area around New Hampshire. Nelly (former crewmate) is back in Barcelona and available to look after Dotty, so everything slotted into place. We get a ferry from here on the 24th to Barcelona and I fly to Boston from Barcelona on the 25th, returning on the 4th May.

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  1. john c barrett

    You could go back via Dominican Republic we will be there from 21st April till 5th March at Punta Carna Melia resort. Give it a thought,love dad

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