First trip out

After several days of more work on the boat including fitting a new radio, dressing the new wiring, organising and cleaning cupboards, plus selling the car, I finally felt ready to take Lady Cindy out for a run down the river and back. All went well, the speed through water is not working but everything else worked great.

I got her up to 6.2 knots when I reached Southampton water, that was not full throttle but fast enough for me. She was comfortably doing about 4.5 to 5 knots at revs that felt about right (she has no rev counter). No pictures I’m afraid, I wanted to focus on the boat and it’s a narrow channel with lots of other boats moving about. I did misjudge docking though and touched the boat behind me, luckily no damage done but it was embarrassing.

Tomorrow I move the boat across the river to Deacons boat yard as its a bit cheaper. I need to be tied to the Dock another week and will hire a car on the 2nd to go back to Wales for my covid jab. Lockdown restrictions eased on Monday so I no longer need to rely on the goodwill of marina staff to sleep aboard.

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