Stormy weather

A big Atlantic storm has been blowing through the last few days but I am in a well protected spot here at the marina. I have been continuing with the rewire including the stern lights, interior lights and more work on the console.

These were removed from about 2 foot of cabling in a cockpit locker.

I have decided to get a new radio as this will be one of the most important safety items on the boat. It came with a reasonably good marine radio but that got its GPS position from a separate garmin GPS, I also have an AIS receiver. I am replacing all three with a single radio with built in GPS and an AIS transceiver which can broadcast my position to other vessels. This will be an important safety improvement and reduce the chances of being run over by something big. The new radio has DSC which means I can press a distress button on the radio or nav station and it will automatically send out a radio message with my position and nature of the distress.

I have been looking at options for moving the boat next month. Swanwick have quoted me an eye watering £780 per month to stay here, no thank you. Most marinas are expensive and do not allow liveaboard so I am thinking about anchoring in Chichester Harbour to give me easy access to the Solent to give the boat a thorough work out before sailing around to New Quay for the summer.

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