Solent coastguard, Solent coastguard, Solent Coastguard….

This is Lady Cindy, Lady Cindy….

I had chance to practice my radio skills today, a yacht ran aground about 500m away from where I am anchored. I first heard about it on Channel 16 (emergency channel) from a conversation between a rib reporting the grounding and the coast guard. I followed them to channel 67 and after their conversation, I cut in reporting I could see the vessel and monitor it until it refloats on the incoming tide. The Coastguard have been calling me hourly to check on the situation.

Who put that sand bar there?

I decided not to raise the sails today, the winds were high this morning, the weather gods obviously had a different forecaster than me, more importantly the wind was from the north and freezing. I decided to stay put and do some odd jobs around the boat and have a chill out day reading in the warm cabin.

I think Dotty has hurt her hip again, probably while sliding around the deck yesterday, the rest will do her good as well.

Rest day for Dotty

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