We are sailing

No more waiting, conditions this morning were flat calm with no wind, so up went the main for the first time so I could check out everything. The third reefing line was missing and the two spares aboard are too short. I used one of the spares but terminated it at the first reef cleat. That will do for now, if I need the third reef, there will be enough free line to reach its proper cleat, its only when the sail is fully up that the reef line is fully extended.

By lunchtime the wind started to rise so we were off. I motored out of the harbour and tried to raise the main, it jammed about 2 foot from the top. It was fine earlier but there was no pressure on the sail then. I lowered it and reclipped to a second position at the head of the sail, up she went, no problem. A few minutes sailing with just the main and I felt ready to unfurl the genoa, I quickly found the sheets needed repositioning outside one of the stays, that done and we were off.

Lady Cindy was predictable and well behaved and although I made no effort to trim the sails, she sailed well. The tell tales were all over the place but I did not care, we were doing 6.5 knots in about 15 knots of wind varying from close hauled to beam reach and I was happy with that.

I should have stayed out longer but I came in with the tide going out at full race. I nearly turned around but decided to plough on, lets see if she can do this. I throttled up and although the speed through the water read 6 knots, I think we were actually doing 1 knot ground speed. The garmin GPS instrument was not showing speed over ground, I need to see if I can configure it to do so, it was ok when I was tracking a route so I know it can do it.

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