Learning to live afloat

The last few days have not been as the forecasters predicted, why am I surprised? 🤣. It has been useful though because I am learning about living afloat while waiting for better weather. This is something I will be doing a lot of in the coming years.

Simple things such as having a full body wash including my hair in just a few litres of water. How much power I can expect from the solar panels when overcast, how much power various devices and the heating use in normal operation, how to stay warm while minimising power consumption plus lots of other stuff.

I am also being more adventurous in the galley, using the oven more, including doing some baking. I plan to make some bread today. I have been reading and listening to music a lot as well. Yesterday we proved remote support for my old shop and a charity I was treasurer for can work

I am investigating options for a haul out next month on the Isle of wight where its cheaper.

I have set up links from this blog to Instagram and twitter, lets see if this post arrives there.

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