I had planned to move the boat to a cheaper marina today, hire a car for the 2nd to get my covid jab in wales and move to an anchorage on the 6th. Everything was booked and confirmed. I arrived at the new marina, my booked berth taken so went into the one next door. Went to the marina office, they did not know of my booking😳 I showed them the email confirmation and told them my plans, oh! We don’t allow liveaboards 😳😳 I explained their web site suggested they did! OK, she will speak to the boss but I had to be prepared to move off on the next tide 😳😳😳 spent the last hour looking at hotels and other options including cancelling my jab 😳😳😳😳 just had a phone call, I can stay aboard for the week 😭 I need a stiff drink 🀣

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