Break in

Somebody broke into the boat today

Damage caused by breaking in

Scandalous!!! OK, truth time.. it was me 🥺. I was planning to run upriver in the dinghy to meet my mum to collect some deliveries and do some shopping. I got everything ready and locked the boat… and then remembered the keys were still in the boat.. sh$t! OK, use the spare hidden one, that is behind a sun cover… the cover that I did not put back yesterday so was still inside the boat… sh$t, f$%k, said repeatedly, good job nobody was there to hear me.

Eventually after a bit of fettling, including to my knuckles, I got it open with minimal damage. I now have another repair job 😥.

By this time, my mum reported from shore that the location I planned to land was mud flats, plan B, go to a marina and if doing that I might as well book in for a couple of nights and use the facilities. So that’s where I am, just back from a hot shower, glass of wine in hand and chilling. My mum ran me to a chandlery and to lidl so it turned out to be a very expensive but enjoyable and productive day.

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