Enough dreaming – Time for action

For at least 10 years I have been restless and wanted to do something with my life beyond the ordinary. Some would call it a mid life crisis, I would say it is a realisation that the clock is ticking and things you wanted to do in life remain undone andare not currently likely to happen.

I have started to do many of these things but one keeps coming back to haunt me – to see the world in it’s natural state and the people in it outside of the normal tourist environment; and to do this on a motorbike as an affordable means of travel. I have read many blogs of people who have done this so know it is possible.

Last night, after reading another blog I made a decision. Enough dreaming – it may not happen but, unless I start doing something, it never will.I know I have many obstacles to overcome before I even leave but I am determined.

I know there are lots of blogs out there but they tend to focus on the trip. I wanted to include the logistics at an early stage in the hope that others may be inspired to stop dreaming and start doing.

And now for the planning……

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