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Servicing the Bike

My old school mate Pete has been in West Wales this weekend. As well as catching up and socialising, he helped me service the bike and have some tips on removing tyres etc.
We changed oil and brake fluids, new brake pads on the back, cleaned the brake calipers, removed the rear wheel to clean the chain and guides, removed and replaced the rear tyre, Removed and replaced the tank, put on a new aluminium sump guard to replace the standard plastic one, new spark plug, new K&N washable air filter, new oil filter and gasket.
As well as doing work that was needed, we did some jobs i am likely to have to do on the road. This means I have more confidence but also means I have the tools I will need. Pete has lent me his tyre levers and a spanner I had pretty much everything needed except a large Allen key needed to remove the front wheel. I need to pick one up, strangly it was not in the Yamaha kit provided with the bike.

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