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Day 10: Should I stay or should I go?

Distance: 110km, Start Kanitra, Morocco, End: Mohammedia, Morocco

Today started very well with the best cup of tea I have had since leaving the UK and a tasty pancake breakfast courtesy of Bob and Ellie. Thank you for giving me a good start to the day and for your donation to Street Child.

I left them about half 9 with the aim of getting to the Mauritanian embassy by 11 to apply for a visa; all going well I could pick it up that afternoon and stop at a much nicer campsite further south that Bob and Ellie recommended. That was the plan. …

5 minutes later people were honking horns and pointing at me, had I done up my flies? The next thing I knew the bike did not feel right. . I had a puncture! !

Thank you Pete for teaching me to change it and the loan of your tyre levers. I had picked up a nail so I patched the inner tube and started inflating the tyre. ….. This is taking a long time. … oh no. ..

There must be a second hole doh! Off came the tyre again and this time I used my spare tube. Tyre back on, wheel back on. . Damn it is 10.30, no way I can get there by 11am. I actually arrived at 11.20 to find it all closed up until Monday (it is friday).

I went straight to the campsite where Bob said there was WiFi to regroup and decide what to do.

My problem is that the border is 2-3 days away and some internet information tells of people being turned away and having to come back to Rabat. Other more recent information suggests that visa at the border is now possible. . This is my dilema.. do I stay or do I go?

At the moment I am inclined to take the chance but I have posted on the HUBB ( horizons unlimited, travellers site) asking for any recent experiences.


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Hi John,

Check out this: (posted 6 days ago)

Summary of key bits:
says you can get visa at border for 50 euro

“At the Mauritanian border I payed 50 euros cash for a visa, there was a card machine in their office so you might be able to pay by card. The border was a bit of a hassle, don’t give anything to anyone who is not behind a desk.”

A comment on the post:
“The Mauritania visa at Nouakchott was very expensive for us, 120 euro’s!

We got offered (fake?) yellow fever certificates when we exited Mauritania before crossing the river to Senegal.”

I hope this helps with your decision.


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