Day 18: To Dakar

Dakar is probably most famous for the Paris Dakar rally but, now I am past that area, I can let my family known that the rally is now held in South America. The area I have just travelled through is regarded as too dangerous.

So far Senegal has stood out for these reasons:Friendly and helpful people, bright vibrant colours, fish, dust, heat and speed bumps.


Borders Mauritania Senegal

Day 17: A Dodgy Day

This will be a long post but bear with me, it involves a scam, an arrest and me being separated from my passport and bike by the Senegal river.

I left Steve early yesterday morning (thanks again for your hospitality) for the Senegal border and Rosso. Described by other travels in endearing terms such as the armpit of Africa and the most corrupt border in Africa. I have been dreading this day since early in my planning and on the ride down I felt like a lamb going to slaughter.