Western Sahara

Day 75: Another windy day

The desert roads are long and boring.
I have been on them all day so this blog entry is short.

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Musings: Deepest Darkest Africa

150 years ago anybody exploring Africa would not have any contact with friends or family for at least one or two years and may never be seen again.

I have been blogging on the Internet daily and even when I cannot do that I have sent a text to Amy saying I am ok and giving my location.

Africa, or at least the parts I have visited, has very good mobile coverage and Internet access. Communication has radically changed the world. Hopefully it makes it a safer place, not just for travellers but for locals.

I just think it would be nice if we had as good coverage in rural parts of the UK

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Day 74: Cold in the desert

Here I am in the Sahara desert and for the first time in months I have had to do up my jacket during the day and put a warm fleece on in the evening. Tonight I will have to sleep inside my sleeping bag rather than on it.

Western Sahara

Day 14: Western Sahara and Two Oasis

( What is the plural of Oasis? )
I woke just before the dawn this morning to see a beautiful sunrise. After getting packed I was on the move by 7.30.
The road was a long straight one with the occasional potholes but unchanging. I had the desert to my left the sea to my right and a lot of tarmac in front of me. Every now and again the coastline would change and i would see large sand filled inlets that I assume were once full of sea, or go over a bridgeover a dried up river.

Western Sahara

Day 13: Into the Sahara Desert

Distance: 590km
Just a quick update today as I have been on the road for 9.5 hours with only a 45 minute break for dinner.
This bit was always on my list of NOT spots and apart from a few bright spots it has lived up to expectations with long straight roads with little variation in scenery.
I have stopped at a little roadside camp site where a young girl and her mother seem to be in charge. They don’t speak French which is what I have been using up to now (badly) but they only speak some form of Arabic. The girl wrote down the camp fee as 500…. Now that is about 50 pounds. . What!! I said no too much and the mother got out 25 from a cash box. Ahhh that’s better, about 2.50 in pounds.
I was just about to put up my tent but the mother pointed to some tents. I gave the international signal for sleep ( hands together at side of head) and she nodded. Looks like i’m sleeping in there then.
Tomorrow I go deeper into the desert.