The Journey Begins

I left my home town of New Quay in West Wales around mid-day, as usual my plans were pretty vague in that I was not sure where I would sleep tonight but I just had to be at Heathrow by 6am tomorrow morning. I wont bore you with the journey here, typical motorway travel, but about an hour out from Heathrow at the services (with a KFC ?) I consulted my travel booking secretary (Expedia) and she recommended a nice pub 10 minutes from Heathrow. The manager was really nice as he upgraded my room to one of the new ones in an extension. So I am now sat in the lounge relaxing with a pint.

A pint of IPA

My flights tomorrow start at 8.30 with the first leg to Chicago then on to Denver and finally Cody where I have a car booked and one night in a hotel. Then its….. I dont know, I will make it up as I go along. I have camping gear and am hoping the Bears will let me share their woods, or maybe the weather will force me into hotels? Who knows, and that’s part of the fun.

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