Day 3 – Plans changed – Bears again

A beautiful day in a fabulous unspoilt part of the world.

My permit was for 3 nights at 3 campsites with the intention of walking right round the lake. I knew that was ambitious especially as I only had 2 days of good forecast, rain and snow were forecast for day 3. I decided this morning to hike to camp 2 and then turn back the way I came and camp at site 1 again giving an easy hike out in the bad weather. I was 2 miles from my camp and found this….

It looks like a bear footprint to me or maybe my imagination was running wild by then, I had been calling out every 50-100 meters “cominggggg through mr bear” like a market cryer. That gave me paws for thought, plus the weather was changing you can feel it in the air. I decided to turn back to a campsite I had passed 1 mile ago and have dinner. I felt refreshed and continued back toward site 1 where I have stopped extremely tired. I think i have done about 13 miles today carrying a 25kg pack. I will camp here tonight; illegally so sue me, my safety is more important than park rules. Tomorrow I have about 3 miles of easy trail back to the car, probably in the rain.

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