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Days 19 & 20 – To come

Just letting everyone know all is OK – I will be doing blogs for these days tomorrow – Teasers: – I nearly met the president of Senegal, I slept near some lions and went for a walk with them this morning – as in walking alongside them like you would a dog, I crossed into Gambia, met some Scouts, had my own personal concert from the national Scout band, met the incoming chief commissioner for Gambian Scouts… And there’s more!!!


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Glad to know you ok, started to worry but Christine said you would be ok, she was right of course, note your tracker still shows you in Dakar.
John and Christine

i’m the french woman who was with you during the walk with lions!
hope you ‘ll have a nice trip! i’ts very fun you have the braviour to do thit wonderful experience !
enjoy your travel ! take care of you

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