Scouts Sierra Leone

Day 65: Sierra Leone Scouts

My plan was to leave Makeni early to get to Freetown by midday. I had been told about a great camping spot on the beach. Just as I was about to leave the heavens opened and it was pouring with rain.

It eased after a while so I headed out thinking it was not going to last. It last.. and lasted… and lasted. It did stop raining… Just as I arrived in Freetown. By this time I was soaked so I decided to head straight for a hotel.

Ghana Scouts

Day 41: Geocaching

For those that do not geocache. Please check out
I introduced Hussain to geocaching today. In the whole of the city of Accra there are only 3 caches. Hopefully now the Ghana Scouts will rectify that by hiding some more.

Gambia Scouts Street Child

Day 23: Jerre Jif


Gambia is… I could write so many things here but the reality is I cannot do the people justice in anything I write. I have been welcomed by smiling faces wherever I go, and want to come back; and I want to bring Scouts from the UK so they can get some of the energy that has been given to me over the last few days.

The culmination of my time here was this evening when the Gambian National Scout band have me a personal marching display (I have videod it) and tonight when we had a campfire Gambian style (African music and drums) when I definitely felt like guest of honour.


(Thank you)

Gambia Scouts

Day 22: Chilling Out

Today has been a welcome break from the hectic schedule of the last few weeks. Omar took me to the local beach and the contrast between what the tourists see and what the people live is noticable. But what was also noticable was the lack of tourist. Probably because it is early in the season but the fear of ebola has had a big effect on tourism throughout Africa. The fears are unfounded and staying away from places like Gambia because of that fear is like not going to Spain.because of a problem in Scotland.

Gambia Scouts

Day 21: Public transport and Little Trees

Today has been about getting run over and meeting people. Omar took me to the bank, the phone shop (Internet now working) the market and to his family house. I have also met the teachers at the little trees skills training school that are hosting me, and a lot of local Scout leaders. To get about I have been using public transport, an experience in itself.

Borders Gambia Scouts Senegal

Days 19 & 20 – To come

Just letting everyone know all is OK – I will be doing blogs for these days tomorrow – Teasers: – I nearly met the president of Senegal, I slept near some lions and went for a walk with them this morning – as in walking alongside them like you would a dog, I crossed into Gambia, met some Scouts, had my own personal concert from the national Scout band, met the incoming chief commissioner for Gambian Scouts… And there’s more!!!


Scouts The Bike UK

Day 1: The Journey Begins

Start: West Wales, End: Southampton, Distance: 240 miles. One refuel: £17.41

After a year of planning I am finally on my way to Cape Town. The journey was mostly along motorways and the weather was kind to me with no rain. The bike was a little twitchy at the front end at low speeds but felt really good at high speeds. Totally the opposite of the unloaded bike. The shift in the centre of gravity from high in the middle to lower and further back is the cause. This evening i went to visit my old Scout group the 14th Eastleigh. It was great to see faces I have not seen for many years and to explain about the trip to the Cubs.

Scouts UK

Draiglas Explorer Scouts

One of the objectives I have set myself is to meet with as many Scouts as I can along the way.  It is only fitting that first on the list is my local Explorer Scout unit here in Teifi district, Ceredigion

I have heard from several Scouts in Africa now including The Gambia, Morocco and Ghana. I hope to meet them all.

Liberia Musings Planning Scouts Sierra Leone UK

Ebola countries may be accessable

I spoke to Emma of Street Child today and it looks like it may be safe to travel through the Ebola hit countries of Sierra Leone and Liberia. This is great news as I may be able to visit some of the projects they have in those countries.
Only one week until the start of my trip and everything is in place.  This weekend my old school mate Pete is coming up to help my service the bike and give it a final check.  Pete is a bike mechanic so his expert opinion will be reassuring. Next Tuesday I am visiting Draiglas Explorer Scouts as the first Scouts meeting on my trip, I hope to meet many more before I finish.

From Wales to Cape Towm