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Day 23: Jerre Jif


Gambia is… I could write so many things here but the reality is I cannot do the people justice in anything I write. I have been welcomed by smiling faces wherever I go, and want to come back; and I want to bring Scouts from the UK so they can get some of the energy that has been given to me over the last few days.

The culmination of my time here was this evening when the Gambian National Scout band have me a personal marching display (I have videod it) and tonight when we had a campfire Gambian style (African music and drums) when I definitely felt like guest of honour.


(Thank you)

Tomorrow my journey continues when I return to Senegal and start the Eastward leg. I have discovered that travel to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia is still not advisable. Not because of the Ebola risk to me but because several countries later in my journey will refuse entry if I have been to that area within the previous 21 days.

This is a great disappointment because I will not be able to visit projects run by Street Child.

Instead I will take the Mali route.

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Gambia is not known s the Smiling Coast for no reason.
Shame about not visiting Street Child, I was looking forward to that.
But your journey has a purpose even if it is re-directed.

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